Anti Snap Locks

anti snap locksAnti Snap Locks

Sir Locksalot locksmiths in Hartlepool advise that your main front and back doors are fitted with the best security you can afford. We recommend Brisant Ultion anti snap locks. This is because we know that the Ultion locks are the best locks you can buy on the market. So if you're looking for anti snap locks in hartlepool give us a call now on 07958312149.

The Brisant Ultion lock still has not been beaten in in any security test.


Ts007 3 star

Brisant Ultion locks are tested to the British standard Ts007 3 star rating. This cuts out the need of having to spend more money on a security door handle. When the lock is in the locked position the cam in the centre of the lock is secured independently which means it isn't attached to the plugs internals. Even if the key is left on the inside of the Brisant ultion lock this won't affect the security of the lock itself.

Sold Secure Diamond

Anybody that is thinking of upgrading their security then the sold secure diamond standard is what you need to be looking for.

Some brands of lock have the Ts007 standard but are not up to the Sold secure Diamond Standard When being tested by experienced locksmiths, the locksmith that is carrying out the test is able to better access to the lock, also he is allowed more tools than what is allowed on other inferior tests. The tester is allotted more time to gain access and be more destructful with the housing of the lock.

Brisant Ultion locks are still snap secure even with the key on the inside of the cylinder. Most of us will lock our front door and leave the key in the inside of the lock. If you do this with a Brisant Ultion lock it will not affect the snap safe features of the cylinder, unlike some other brands. With some other brands, leaving your key in the lock means the lock can be manipulated from the outside if the lock has been snapped.

Statistics show that around 73% of break ins are committed through a main door. Please do not make it easy for the scumbags.

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