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The vast majority of homes in the UK have upvc doors and windows, our locksmiths in Hartlepool is a upvc specialist and is here to give you the advice and help you need to make your home as secure as possible.

Multi point locking systems are usually fitted on UPVC patio doors. Sometimes these fail over time and can be troublesome. Normally this is down to either the door dropping slightly which will need a manual adjustment. Sometimes it can be general wear and tear. We can repair or replace all makes and models, even old and discontinued mechanisms.

Some of our services include free no obligation quotes, fixed prices and a full guarantee. If you find your upvc door or window is becoming harder to lock or open, rather than trying to force it, just give locksmiths in Hartlepool a call and we will come out advise you on the best course of action. Do not try and force the handle. This will make things worse. After a service and adjustment the door or window will be working like normal so in the long run this will save you money on buying a new upvc locking mechanism.

Maybe the euro cylinder needs to be replaced then we can replace it straight away with the right size to suit your door. Make sure that your euro cylinders do not protrude from the handles by more than 4mm. If yours do then they are at risk from being snapped and this is the preferred method of entry for burglars.

We carry all sizes of euro cylinder locks to make sure that we can complete the job in one visit.

Sash Jammers

We receive a lot of calls at Locksmith Hartlepool regarding security upgrades and secondary security. We recommend extra security on each of your windows and doors, any doors and windows that are not fitted with sash jammers are more of a security risk. Window restrictors can also be used alongside sash jammers but we will explain all about window restrictors in another paragraph. Sash jammers can be fitted on the inside of the door or window frame depending on whether they open in or out. They guard against burglars forcing the doors or windows from the outside with a crowbar or other types of tool. Locksmith Hartlepool recommend two sash jammers fitted to each door. Small windows should be fitted with at least one sash jammer and two for larger windows. We only fit the best quality sash jammers on the market which a made from a strong sturdy material. Many lesser quality sash jammers will snap and break too easily which makes them not fit for purpose. Any parts that are fitted by Sir locksalot locksmith Hartlepool are guaranteed for one year for your peace of mind

Locksmith in Hartlepool security advice

Sash jammers are a great addition to your home security, we recommend that you have two fitted on each door and at least one on every window. You can either fit them yourself or to make sure that the job is done correctly call Gavin now your local locksmith in Hartlepool.

We offer a twenty four hour emergency call out service so it doesn’t matter if you have problems with your upvc door or windows throughout the evening. We will be there to help.

We can also fit and replace door restrictors and dampeners, door closers, door knockers, door viewers, hinges, letter boxes,window mechanisms and window handles.

Summer Security

During the summer months people tend to leave their patio doors open all day. Doing this could cause problems like the door dropping. This is an easy and relatively inexpensive problem to fix for a locksmith. If this is happening you will notice that it is getting slightly harder to lock your door. If you do notice this happening then give Locksmiths in Hartlepool a call before it’s too late and the mechanism will need replacing. The more you have to force the handles the more likely you will totally break the mechanism.



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